Our Associates


We are affiliated with excellent providers of sales and marketing services. Each firm you see here has a history of collaboration with us, and a record of substantial business contribution to our clients. Our associates are committed to building your business along with us.

  • Staffing and Resources:

Xyant Technologies is a staffing consultancy specializing in search and other related services, including personality profiling, team building workshops, and individualized management advisement. Clients rely on Xyant Technologies to improve productivity, increase new hire retention rates and reduce turnover. Xyant Technologies has been providing these services to a wide variety of companies since 1995.


  • Infrastructure and Management Solutions:

Bainbridge Technology Solutions Inc. has deep experience and knowledge to efficiently configure, install, repair and support your network and computer needs.  With over 20 years of experience in the computer and information industry and a community-oriented mission, Bainbridge Tech offers service in a retail setting with broad skills and the certified training necessary to serve the community’s needs.

Our goal is to take time with each customer to respond to their specific needs, interests and pace and on their level of understanding and communication needs.  Remember that we can help you in the shop, onsite or remotely.